Cancer Defects

Mandibular adamantinoma correction

This is a locally malignant tumour of the Jaw but it doesn’t metastasize to other body parts.

Lip cancer reconstruction

Buccal.Cheek/Oral Cancer defects

Post-mastectomy Breast Reconstruction

In females and rarely in males, breast cancer may occur.

Breast cancer signs include a lump in the breast, a discharge of blood from the nipple and changes in the form or appearance of the nipple or breast. There are several options for restoring the contours of the breast. At the time of mastectomy or after a delay of a few months or years, the breast can be rebuilt immediately. After the breast mound has been recreated the nipple-areolar complex can be rebuilt. A presentation on breast reconstruction is placed here for more information.

Considerations in reconstruction include stage of the disease, surgical procedure carried out, need for radiation or chemotherapy etc.

Cancer Scalp

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