Gender reassignment (Sex Change Surgery)

Many transgender individuals experience pronounced distress because of a complete disconnect between their gender identity (mental sex) and their external genitalia (physical sex). Such persons feel trapped in a different body leading to extreme mental turmoil. This disconnect between physical appearance and the mentally assigned sex is also referred as Gender Dysphoria. This is not the same as Gay/homosexual/ lesbian or bisexual. It is also different from a transvestite.

The situation can be rectified to an extent by gender reassignment surgery which involves removing organs of the sex and reconstructing physical attributes of the reassigned sex, along with hormonal therapy.

Patients also require social readjustment and a prolonged evaluation to ascertain (for certification) that they are eligible for this surgery. The surgical change in sex is irreversible and procreation is not possible in the reassigned sex, however, sexual relations can be maintained to an extent.

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