Scar Revision

After a wound has healed scars are noticeable signs that remain. They are the inevitable consequences of injury or surgery, and they can be unpredictable in their appearance and growth. Generally, poor healing leads to visible, unsightly or disfiguring scars. Even a well-healing wound can lead to a scar that affects your appearance. Scars may also be noticeable due to their size, shape and location.

They may also be raised or depressed and may differ in colour or texture from the surrounding healthy tissue.  

Most people seek scar revision surgery for cosmetic reasons but sometimes scar revision surgery may be necessary to restore the function. Scar revision surgery aims to diminish the scar making it less visible and enabling it to blend with its underlying skin tone and texture.

Several types of surgical procedures are available to make the scar less noticeable and the attached article will provide more information and confidence in going ahead with such a surgery. Several ancillary aids like lasers, fat injections, dermabrasion, tissue expansion etc may be also be employed in some cases.

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Scar revision is a useless operation (Opposing the statement)

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